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Top Guided Tour of Chernobyl.

Make the most of your time in Kiev by booking a guided tour with Tours to Chernobyl. Our tour guides have 7 years plus experience, and we are known for our excellent service and the best routes around the abandoned city. We can also recommend the best hotels and accommodations in Kiev as all guides are registered with the Kiev Tourist Board, so you’ll be well rested when you tour the area, allowing you to take great photographs and treasure some great moments while discovering the beautiful city of Kiev. If you wish to join one of our tours, kindly contact us through our booking form.

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We provide bespoke tour services to our patrons. Our range of services includes cultural tours, heritage and history walks, local tasting sessions, and others. If you are an outdoors person and would like to visit the surrounding countryside, we can accomodate this with enough lead time. We can also assist with more niche activities like food and culinary tours, so if you are a foodie then you are in the right company. Rest assured, all our tours are personalised, safe and in accordance with the local laws.

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A great travelling experience can shape minds and broaden horizons. That’s why we take extra special care to get everything right for you – from recommending accommodation to helping you see exactly what you're interested in – all while keeping the price affordable for your adventure. Don't just take our word for it: check out our reviews, read up on our expertise and then decide whether you want to join us on a guided tour around the area.


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